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CCC Heritage Garden

A project which will highlight the rich history of the Civilian Conservation Corps at Cacapon Resort State Park through an educational garden.

The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) was a group of young men who were employed during the Great Depression because of the New Deal passed by Franklin D. Roosevelt. This program helped to plant more than 3 billion trees, and helped lay the ground work for over 800 State and National Parks across the United States. One of those parks was Cacapon Resort State Park. They helped construct the original trails and roads, built the cabins, built the dams for the lakes, and built the parks original lodge, which was the first lodge in the West Virginia State Park system. They even grew a lot of the food they ate while constructing the many aspects of the park.
This rich history of the park will further be shown through the construction of a CCC Heritage Garden outside of the Nature Center. This will include multiple raised beds which will have era specific vegetable varieties grown in them. This will allow park visitors to view what these plants looked like, be taught how to grow their own plants through interpretive programs, and eventually taste test the produce. Acting as an educational gardening space which will help teach park visitors and locals how to grow their own food.

Project Gallery

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