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Free Seed Libraries

A project focused on constructing 2-3 free seed libraries, where free gardening resources will be available.

We hope to construct 3 free seed libraries across Morgan County West Virginia. One being located at the Paw Paw Library, one at the community garden in Berkeley Springs, and one towards the south side of the county. These will act as a place where local gardeners can share their seeds with others, get free seeds, and share family recipes.
Each library will be stocked with an assortment of vegetable, herb, and flower seeds. Providing a wide variety of options for gardeners across the area to try out.
These libraries also provide the perfect opportunity for people who have extra seeds to donate them to their fellow gardeners across the county.
In each library there will be a locked drop box, which will have a dual purpose. It will be a place where you can donate recipe cards to us in order to add to our website, creating an online resource for others to enjoy. It will also be a place for people to donate some money to help with the up keep and seed packet purchases needed to keep the libraries up and running.

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