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Our Work

We are an educational committee focused on fighting local food insecurity by investing in gardening projects and providing people with resources to be able to start growing their own foods. Below are the projects we plan to take on during the 2022 growing season.

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CCC Heritage Garden

We will be constructing a heritage garden outside the Cacapon Resort State Park Nature Center which will have vegetable varieties that were grown back when the members of the Civilian Conservation Corps helped build the park back in 1937.


Free Seed Libraries

We plan on constructing a few free seed libraries across Morgan County, with one being located in Pawpaw, one in Berkeley Springs, and one to be determined. These will help community members gain access to free seeds and will be a place community members can donate their extra seeds. Which will help us reach our goals of education people and fighting local food insecurity.

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Image by Nathan Dumlao


Educational Videos

We plan to film and produce educational videos to help home gardeners through the troubles of starting plants. We will release these on our youtube channel when the time comes, more details will be shared in the future.


High Tunnel Garden

This is one of our most crucial projects. We partner with Warm Springs Intermediate School and help maintain their high tunnel garden. 

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